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One Stop Auto Service

Our mechanics have many years of repair experience in all types of vehicles.
All repair comes with parts & labour guarantee.
Cafe to relax in comfort while you wait.


General Repair & Service

General Repair & Maintenance

Safety Checks & Inspection

Pink Slips & Inspections

Brakes & Clutches

Drive safe with good brakes

Auto Electricals

Lights, wipers and battery

Air Conditioning

Cooling comfort 

Auto Transmission

For smooth and reliable driving

Tyres & Wheels

Get the best performance from wheels

WIndow Tinting

For sun screening and privacy


Batteries, globes, sensors and everything electric!

Battery & Spark Plugs

Is your car struggling to start?

 A dead battery can leave you stranded. Last thing you want is trying to get to important appointments and your car won't start! At Kingstreet group we can perform test of your battery’s charge and ensure it is providing power to your electrical systems efficiently. Call us now for a battery diagnosis and get it fixed before it becomes a problem.

Front & Rear Globes

A major cause of most accidents!

Faulty globes is one of the major cause of road accidents because your signal light failed you when you want to turn your vehicle, and the driver next to you didn't see that and drive straight into your vehicle! At Kingstreetgroup we make sure your front and rear signal lights works correctly when your vehicle leave our garage everytime!

Electric Sensors & Camera

The six driving sensors that you rely on

Today, electric sensors, front and rear cameras are the six sense of the driver. Most drivers are completely disoriented without these sensors. Faulty sensors or camera is one of the major cause vehicle damage when they fail you when you need them.
At Kingstreetgroup, our technician can help you restore the six sensors you need to drive safetly.

Switches & Wiring

The artery of your electrical system

Switched on and appliance is still working intermitently or just not coming on? Chances is you could be having an electrical wiring fault in your vehicle. At Kingstreetgroup we are experienced in restoring electrical connectivity back to your vehicle.
Book online 24x7 for your next service to make sure your wiring is properly checked.


Book online for your next inspection at http://kingstreetgroup.com.au

Pink Slip

Authorised Inspection Station (AIS)

This is a e-safety inspection report that proves your car is roadworthy. All vehicles more than three years old require a safety inspection as a condition of registration renewal.
Your registration renewal notice from Road Transport Authority will advise you if your vehicle needs inspection. 

e-Safety Check

Your Pink Slip electronically sent to RMS

This is a pink slip that has been sent to the RMS electronically by an Authorised Inspection Station. Once this has been processed, you are able to conveniently renew your registration online or by phone.
To make book your next inspection go to http://kingstreetgroup.com.au

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Understand what you are buying!

If you are buying a second hand car and want to make sure there are no hidden surprises, then contact King Street Group Auto to perform a Pre-Purchase Inspection. This is a full comprehensive inspection report on mechanical components, electrical, and body-structure for any damage.

White Slip

Driving unregistered vehicle is illegal

A White Slip is essentially an inspection report rejection slip that details the repairs required before a vehicle can be registered. Once the repairs are carried out and you have the vehicle re-inspected, the vehicle will receive a pink or blue slip.
Do the right thing to avoid a fine.


If you are feeling hot, this is where you may be having the problem!

Auto Cooling System

Do get burn out on the road!

The cooling system is critical to your vehicle’s performance to prevent engine overheat and parts melting causing severe damage to the engine and automatic transmission. Maintaining a healthy vehicle’s radiator, fluids and cooling system is essential to keep your car on the road.

Radiator & Coolant

Cooling components of your vehicle

If your vehicle is running hot or overheating it may be possible you vehicle has a leaking of a green fluid     (Coolant) or Red in some cases
Worn belts or hoses. This indicates your vehicle may have a problem with the cooling system and  in urgent  need of service or repairs .


What is in a Regulator?

The coolant reservoir indicates the level of coolant in the system. The thermostat is a valve that regulates the flow of coolant based on coolant temperature. A poorly performing thermostat can result in overheating, engine knocking, poor fuel economy and more. 

Air Conditioning

Is your A/C keeping you cool?

If you find that your air conditioning is not cooling as well chances is it may need a re-gas. Coolant can gradually escape from the system over time and this loss prevents your A/C from performing at its best. Book online to get your A/C diagnose at http://kingstreetgroup.com.au


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